Talent Music Agency is an Irish company, has a new branch in Berlin-Germany.

We are specialized in various areas in the production of music in a digital form, we offer a variety of services and consider the necessity of planning and budgets for every artist,client to reach their full potential , therefore, we welcome you and tell you that you are a step away from contacting us to bring your dream, product to live.

We aim to develop an artistic and long term relationship 

We have partners where you can know about them in the partnership page

We have an independant Record Label, click on the music store page to know about our artists, artists who are interested are welcome to contact us by filling the contact form.


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We are available for the live chat 24/7 to answer your questions and provide our services


Services we provide:

1. Music notation for soundtracks & songs

2. Music scoring

3. Music arrangement and orchestration

4. Original soundtracks for download

5. Original ringtones for the mobiles

6. Soundtracks for online promotions

7. Original soundtracks for video games,animation

8. Live music recording with orchestra  


Consultation is free,so feel welcome to contact via email at

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SMS or What's App to

+31 6 87 88 92 89

rsz radio 1 bulgarian orchestra recording studio view from the front


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