Talent Music Agency

Talent Music Agency was established by the composer, orchestrator and conductor Samer Hatoum upon successful collaborations with new composers.

This agency offers services in booking recitals,concerts,festivals for the artists listed and offers scoring, orchestration and engraving services to composers, singers.film makers and recording studios through professionals who have years of expereince.

We also book for TV & radio interviews for artists,and streaming concerts through our partner which is listed below

Talent Music Agency has partners with orchestra studio recordings

1.Bulgaria Recording Studios

Below is one of the recordings our partner did,more recordings will be provided according to your request

2.AR1 TV based in the UK and Spain and can be watched at


which streams across the European Union,the United States of America,Russia, China,India, Australia & South America and operates 24/7

We book for TV interviews with our partner in the UK AR1 which streams to all devices

3.Radio 101

Radio 101 based in Belgrade-Serbia is a company specialised in organizing and maintaining an ultimate music experience in hotels & resorts. We develop programs, prepare and deploy music that will suit all tastes of your guests, be appropriate of time, style and variety.


Concept is based on a seven day program for all your facilities, developed in such way that hotel guests and staff are always hearing something new, yet familiar to them. Through this program we make sure that, for example, your thematic dinners are accompanied by music from appropriate part of the world.

We book for Radio interviews with our partner in Serbia Radio 101 which streams where WiFi covers in the world and advertise for new tracks and albums

For details about our partners please contact us through the contact page or directly through the chat icon and will reply back as soon as possible

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