Abraham Naim

Abraham Naim is an Australian young classical & contemporary pianist and composer , was born in 03/08/2000, in Melbourne (Australia).

He wrote two piano concertos, a piano sonata and numerous other instrumental, chamber and orchestral works, as well as several transcriptions of oriental/Arab music.

Abraham Naim came to Romania for the first time in February 2017 for his video recording session with the Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra which was run and conducted by Samer Hatoum, few compositions were presented supported by his father Dr.Hussaine Naim.

Here are the orchestra recordings for his new album recorded by Sofia Film Orchestra in Bulgaria Radio 1 Studio
Conducted by Samer Hatoum


He recorded and for the first time music for chamber orchestra with the Sofia Film Orchestra in Bulgaria Radio studio 1 conducted by maestro Samer Hatoum in March 2018 the album which contains a veriety of musical tastes pointing his attention to the orient with chamber orchestra outlook

He studies with Assistant Professor Thomas Reiner (Composition).

The compositions for Abraham Naim are available for commercials.

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