• Ihsan Almounzer

    Ihsan Al Mounzer


    Is available for oriental songs arrangement with a long history with Arab stars , mix & master 

    Cost of arrangement, mix & master to be discussed according to every work on it's merits 

    Fill in the contact form as required in the link below 

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    Ihsan Al Mounzer in the control room 1



    Ihsan Al Mounzer control room 1

  • John E.ZammitPace

    John E.ZammitPace 



    John E.Zammitpace photo 2

    Music composer 


    Music composition as soundtrack is available for hire 

     Type   Details    Per minute     TMA %   Sevice fee  Total 
     Film   mp3  €180   %20   €36  €216 
     Documentary    mp3  €180    %20   €36  €216
     Video Game   mp3  €180   %20   €36  €216 
     Animation    mp3  €180   %20   €36  €216 


    The score will be given upon request.

    Fill in the contact form below please if you wish to hire 

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    John E.ZammitPace