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Irish Event

Irish Concert

Talent Music Agency will be hosting the Irish young singer Amie Dyer to sing with the Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra with the concert pianist Ioana Lupascu in Romania.

The orchestra will perform  the National Anthem of Romania & Ireland 

Classical songs

Irish traditional music with new orchestration 

We will reach the audience across the world via live streaming, so you are invited to join our newsletter in the link below to receive the details and link to book


 Soprano Amie Dyre

 Amie Dyer photo 2


Concert pianist Ioana Lupascu 

IMG 20200926 WA0000


 Ploesti Philharmonic Orchestra 

Ploeisti philharmonic orchestra with Samer Hatoum. 2jpg





 Orchestra Video Reading Session    
 Composer   John E.ZammitPace /Malta
 Music title   Atmospheric Gardens
 Orchestration & conducting   Samer Hatoum
 Performaned by  Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra 
 Country   Romania


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 Orchestra Video Reading Session   
 Composer  Deniz Inan /Germany 
 Music title   Promise of Love 
 Soundtrack for  Piano & string ensemble 
 Concert pianist   Ioana Lupascu
 Orchestration & conducting   Samer Hatoum
 Performance by   Ploeisti Philharmonic   Orchestra 
 Country   Romania 


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TV Interview

TV interview with the Lebanese composer & Nai professor Joseph Karam in OTV channel in 2018

Feel free to contact us here for more information about the composer Joseph Karam and interest in his compositions.

TV interview

Interview with the Lebanese TV channel OTV with the composer joseph Karam and the conductor Samer Hatoum in November 2018

TV interview

Interview with the composer & Nai professor Joseph Karam with Tele Lumiere TV in Beirut-Lebanon

Interview preparation by Kaisar Mkhael

Interview presentation by the journalist Nada Tarabai

Booked and managed by Talent Music Agency in March 2019

Hong Kong Filmart International Exhibition 2019

Talent Music Agency with it's director Samer Hatoum was invited to join Hong Kong Filmart in March 2019 which connects businesses from all over the world in the films music production,animation industry

The invitation was supported by Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Hong Kong Trade Development Council

HKTDC symbol image

rsz hong kong exhibition center infront of the title

rsz 1samer hatoum at filmart

rsz samer hatoum with original force company representative in filmart


Filmart Exhibition photo

Filmart exhibition infront of FILM ART sign

Filmart exhibition photo inside

Hong Kong night image at the river