International Masterclass for conducting with String Ensemble with the Sinfonietta da Camera Salzburg

Posted by on 2nd Apr 2019

Talent Music Agency presents an International Masterlcass for orchestra conducting with the Sinfonietta da Camera Salzburg in Austria,this masterclass will be lectured by the Danish conductor Maria Badstue and the program will be for the string ensemble for the intermediate and advanced levels

Maria Badstue is considered one of the best young Danish conductors today,click here for more informsation about her.

Information about maestro Maria Badstue.docx


Every active participant will receive 20 minutes each day.

Will provide invitation letters to applicants who require to apply for visa and each participant will receive a certificate & DVD

There is no age limit and Talent Music Agency will chose the best two participants of the 12 with maestro Maria Badstue and the Sinfonietta da Camera orchestra to present Internationally. The other 10 active participants will be given a recommendation by Talent Music Agency to use where they need to apply for a conducting position and will be called when an opportunity arises.


October 2019

Wednesday 2nd

Thursday 3rd

Friday 4th

Saturday 5th

Sunday 6th is the public concert


Saal der Salzburger Volkskultur

Zugallistraße 10,

5020 Salzburg



  1. Nielsen, Little Suite

  2. Nielsen, At the beer of a Young Artist

  3. Grieg, Holberg Suite

  4. Grieg, From Holbergs Time

  5. Sibelius, Romance in C

  6. Sibelius Andante Festivo

  7. Elgar Serenade for Strings

  8. Tchaikovskij serenade for strings

  9. Dvorak serenade for strings

Participation fee:

Active participation fee is €1400.00 is to be paid until the vacancies become full.

A non-refundable fee of €100.00 is to be paid to reserve the place.

Passive participation non-refundable fee is €250.00 to be paid before the starting date and on the entry upon a confirmation by email to attend.

€100 fee to students who wish to know about the conducting to be paid before the starting date and on entry upon a confirmation by email to attend.

Bank transactions are free within the EU,(European Union ), €6.35 applies to every transaction from out of the EU

Transactions are required to be transferred to Talent Music Agency at






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