International Masterclass for Orchestra Conductors

International Masterclass for orchestra conductors with the Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra-Romania

Posted by on 1st Apr 2019

Talent Music Agency presents an international masterclass for orchestra conductors in Ploeisti in Romania in collaboration with Ploeisti Philharmonic Orchestra and maestro Maria Badstue from Denmark

Maria Badstue is considered one of the best young Danish conductors today, click here to know more about her.

Maria Badstue has established itself as one of its generation.docx

Participation & Signup

Participants are requested to confirm participation by email and bank transaction

Active participation fee is €1500

A fee of €250 is to be paid to reseve the place.

The rest of €1250 is to be paid by 08/04/2019 once the participant confirms the attendance.

Passive participation non-refundable fee is €250 to be paid by 08/04/2019 or at the entry with preior confirmation.

One day passive participation fee is €50 to be paid at the entry in Euro or equivalent currency

11 active participation are still available

1 passive participation is confirmed

Invoice(s) will be sent to every applicant by Email


August 2019

Monday 19

Tuesday 20

Wednesday 21

Thursday 22

Friday 23

Saturday 24th is the concert

Will start every day at 2pm to 4pm, break from 4-5pm then 5 until 7pm

Address is:

Ploiesti Anton pann stree nr 5




Every active participant will receive 20 minutes on the podium with the orchestra each day.

Will provide invitation letters to applicants who require to apply for visa and each participant will receive a certificate & DVD There is no age limit and Talent Music Agency will chose the best four participants of the 12 with maestro Maria Badstue and the Ploeisti Philharmonic orchestra to present Internationally.

The other 8 active participants will be given a recommendation by Talent Music Agency to use where they need to apply for a conducting position and will be called when an opportunity arises.


  1. Beethoven Egmont Overture

  2. Beethoven Symphony No.3

  3. Brahms symphony No.2

  4. Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5

  5. mussorgsky pictures at an exhibition

Our guests are:

New score will be presented to develop technique with sight reading

Soprano singer Nikie Johansson from Denmark to perform

Mozart: „Ach, ich fühl’s“, from Die Zauberflöte

Strauß: „Szardas“, from Die Fledermaus

Flights will be facilitated upon request


Hotel Central Ploeisti

Book the hotel directly referred by Talent Music Agency.


Transactions are free of charge within the European Union (EU),€6.35 applies to every transaction from out of the EU.

Payment method





Feel free to contact us for more information and send your CV to be reviewed by maestro Maria Badstue via the contact form or Email.


Mobile: 00353(85) 745 6075

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