Orchestra Recording Project for Lebanon

Posted by 1 17th Aug 2018
Orchestra Recording Project for Lebanon

Your national anthem is calling you to contribute to it's glory.A nation's culture resides in the hearts and on the shoulders of it's people.

Under the guidance, direction and approval of the Lebanese Army Head Office, we set a goal to create new song with a symphony orchestra initiated by Samer Hatoum,the Lebanese-Irish music composer/orchestrator/conductor


We ask your contribution to fund this initiative to get the production done,this production consists of:

1.A grandiose Lebanese National Anthem fully orchestrated by Samer Hatoum

2.New song with a symphony orchestra for the army titled (We Love You the Army of Our Country)

  1. Lyric by the poet Toni Abi Karam

  2. Melody by the pianist/composer Ihsan Al Mounzer

  3. Orchestration and conducting by Samer Hatoum

  4. Vocal by Arab Star Walid Tawfik

  5. Voice recording and choir will take place in Almounzer Super Sound in Beirut-Lebanon,orchestra recording will be with Sofia Film Orchestra in Bulgaria Radio 1 Studio

6.Video clip production will be done in Germany with a German expert in animation

To contribute please send in Euro or dollar to Talent Music Agency account at





Agency Registration No.607401


Pay via PayPal at: samerhatoum@gmail.com

Note: $20,$50,$100 onward are the amount to be sent via PayPal

Contribute with Bitcoin


Thanks to our sponsors

  1. Bob Mounzer/ Business / Copenhagen/ Denmark

  2. Elena Hatoum / Phsycologist / Dublin / Ireland

  3. Abdallah Al Sayegh / PHD in Agriculture / Dublin / Ireland

  4. Zaraaoun Municipaliity / Mount Lebanon / Republic of Lebanon

  1. Elie Karam / Studio Logic / Beirut / Republic of Lebanon


Please feel free to ask questions via the contacts below

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Email; info@talentmusicagency.com

Mobile: 00353(85)745 6075

Thanks for your contribution and the approval for this production is available upon request

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Lebanese Orchestra Production 2.pdf