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Joseph Karam


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Talent Music Agency of Ireland

Aprroved with honour by the minister for eduation of Lebanon in 2018

Endorsed by the HE to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland


General at Consulate General of Lebanon in New York

Ambassador Rami Mortada


This e-book will be available in the workshops which Talent Music Agency is planning and once the dates and the location(s) are decided.

The e-book is the result of a long and focused research through the history of the oriental music in a librarian system, more details will be available accordingly.

This E-Book aim has been achieved by connecting the glorious oriental music with the western music to approach the dawn of a new era.

Talent Music Agency is committed to delivering this knowledge according to the European Union law for eduation.

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Director & CEO

Samer Hatoum


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TMA Arabic version for the E-Book.pdf

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