Bulgaria Radio Studio 1

Sofia Film Orchestra for recording music for films ,sound tracks,video games,video animation,TV commercials,Jingles,opera works,songs with piano & chamber orchestra, full orchestra.

Film music recording credits of the studio

 Film-La piovra(Octopus)    / Composer- Ennio Morricone

 La frontiera               / Composer- Luis Bacalov 

 Ho sposato uno sbirro      / Composer -Pino Donaggio

 Have no fear               / Composer- Carlo Siliotto 

 The Sleeping Beauties      / Composer- Nikolai Korndorf / Valentin Silvestrov 

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Commercia films from Italy & France:

NCB / Yamaha Project / Nescafe / National Geographic / Centaur Records –USA

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AR1 TV based in Spain and can be watched at

which streams across the European Union,the United States of America,Russia, China,India, Australia & South America and operates 24/7

Radio 101

Radio 101 based in Belgrade-Serbia is a company specialised in organizing and maintaining an ultimate music experience in hotels & resorts. We develop programs, prepare and deploy music that will suit all tastes of your guests, be appropriate of time, style and variety.

Concept is based on a seven day program for all your facilities, developed in such way that hotel guests and staff are always hearing something new, yet familiar to them. Through this program we make sure that, for example, your thematic dinners are accompanied by music from appropriate part of the world.

DXKY String Maker-Beiing-China

Violin / Viola / Cello / Double Bass

DXKY Violins V-1.pdf



Cases for Viola.pdf

Cases for Cello.pdf