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 Live recording for    Ensembles    Woodwinds
     Ensemble with piano   
     Full orchestra   
     Full orchestra with piano   
     Full orchestra with choir   
     Soundtracks   Advertising 
       Video marketing 
       Video Animation 
       Video Games 
       Feature films 
       Short films 
2  Music notation   All ensembles   
     Piano with ensemble   
3  Arrangement /orchestration   Piano   
     Ensembles    String Duet
        String Trio 
        String Quartet
        String Quintet
        String Orchestra 
        Wood wind Ensembles 
        Brass Ensembles 
        Timpani section 
     Piano & ensemble   
     Full orchestra   
4  Video shooting   Live ensembles   
     Live orchestra   
     Any ensemle with dancers   
     Orchestra with dancers   Online marketing 
       Online promotion
5  Download albums  Soundtracks   Classical/Pop/Oriental
     Songs   All styles 
     Ring Tones for the Mobile   Classical 
6  Mix & master   Arabic   
     Rock N Roll   



maestro samer hatoum conducting Sofia Film Orchestra


 Studio Recording 
   Small Ensemble / Large Ensemble / Full Orchestra 
 3 hours session   2 session per day 
 4 hours session   2 session per day 
 6 hours sessions   2 sessions per day 
 7 hours sessions  2 sessions per day 
 8 hours sessions   2 sessions per day 
  Contact us to ask for the prices  
   Video shooting during the recording 
   Mix & Master upon request 
   Artist Management and sell the recorded albums and/or tracks 
   Contact us for the prices as we aim to achieve your project and dream 
    Music notation / Arrangement / Orchestration / Engraving 
   We work and with 
   2D & 3D Animation 
   Video Games 
   Film music / Documentaries / Short films / Featured Films / TV Commercials 
   Video music for promotions
   Live orchestra video recording for advertising and marketing 


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Amsterdam Hatoum International Orchesra


                                                                                           Amsterdam Hatoum International Orchestra

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TV Interview

AR1 TV based in Spain and can be watched at

which streams across the European Union,the United States of America,Russia, China,India, Australia & South America and operates 24/7

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Classical violin lessons

Concert Violinist Taewhan Yoo


Concert violinist Taewhan Yoo is from South Korea

"Taewhan is a virtuouso violinist, having led the Samsung Philharmonic Orchestra and is currently playing in the Dublin Orchestra Players and leading the Boyne Valley Chamber Orchestra."



We organize webinars and conferences to connect

  1. Film makers

  2. Film producers

  3. TV producers

  4. Documentary producers

with our film music composers and facilitate the sales, feel welcome to contact us via the live chat or by filling the contact form at

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  1. Conference to introduce the Arabic-oriental music with demonstration about the courses we have.

  2. Conference to meet film makers,film producers and directors with our film music composers and facilitate the sales of your choice.

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