Some of the services we offer

Our services:


We do notation from scratch, from mp3,Cloud or any other available device, contact us for the price.



Arrangement & engraving to all ensemble sizes up to full orchestra with choir when required / studio standard

3.Studio recordings for all sizes of ensembles & symphony orchestra

     1.Full orchestra , studio space up to 200 musicians choir & orchestra

       Recorded by Sofia Film Orchestra 
     2.Music for films, sound tracks,video games, animation, video advertising & TV commercials.Jingles

       Recorded by Sofia Film Orchestra,conducted by Samer Hatoum 

4.Video animation in 2D & 3D upon request

5.Script writing

6.Cartoon animation

7.Video games

8.Demo videos

        Paul Byrne - Director, Camera, Editor

        Dermot Byrne - Drone Operator

9.Video trailers

10.3 hours session or 4 hours session per day, 8 hours is the maximum time per day

11.Full planning:

    Budget preparation & planning,score and orchestration preparation if needed,score reduction or expansion according to the available budget.

    We provide video shooting during the recording session(s) and video editing upon request for the client(s) for their
    advertising purposes

    _We organize and facilitate the process for film shooting in Japan for film makers and producers, contact us to disucss your needs_ 

Price is negotiable according to every given project and there is %10 service charge

Consultation is free for 15 minutes

€80 fee then applies per session

Meeting is by prior booking confirmation

     _Contact us for recording details and cost _

Consultation in market analysis & sales, we charge per hour

     _Contact us for consultation request and particular requirement for a quote _

3.Work with film makers,producers,song writers,sound engineers.

4.Booking recitals,concerts,festivals for the artists listed

5.Book and organize TV & radio interviews for artists,and streaming concerts through our partner.

  TV interview is conducted either online or in the premises,we give the recorded interview to be broadcasted in any  
  other TV channel according to the client(s) choice and it lasts 30 minutes up to 1 hour

  Radio interview is conducted online and will be streamed with special promotion to be disclosed to the client(artist)
  Radio interview duration is 30 minutes with music cover up and advertising, we stream the interview for 1 month

  Radio advertising for the music with special deals to support the artist(s)

6.Cutting and Editing Audio and Video Recordings

7.Video shooting for advertising with music production

8.Video editing

9.Voice dubbing.

10.We provide license for every score and recording we do as well as license for new scores upon request.

11.Our composers are:

         * John E.ZammitPace     Malta 

         * Kevork Andonain       United States of America 

         for the following productions:

   1.    Sound tracks

   2.    Video animation

   3.    Video games

   4.    Video production

   5.    Feature films 

   6.    Documentaries 

We charge per minute, contact us for a quote for your project(s) and live recording is strictly with us.

We are available for live chat 24/7 to answer your questions and provide our services

Composers scores pages

Abraham Naim


Andre Van Haren


Anna Matrunich


John E. ZammitPace