Hatoum International Orchestra 



rsz samer hatoum conducting sofia film orchestra 1

 Studio recording with Sofia Film Orchestra for new soundtracks


 Ploeisti philharmonic orchestra with Samer Hatoum

 Video recording with Ploesti Philharmonic Orchestra of Romania 



Talent Music Agency of Ireland produces soundtracks, ringtones for mobiles, music scores for all styles and musical standards, now presents Amsterdam Hatoum International Orchestra which focuses mainly on training musicians in their educational stages, non-professionals & semiprofessionals to develop their musical skills within the chamber & orchestral setting.

We had video recording sessions for new composers with the

Danube Orchestra in Budapest

Ploesti Philharmonic Orchestra of Romania and studio recording for new soundtracks with

Sofia Film Orchestra in Bulgaria.


Samer Hatoum with Sofia Film Orchestra tunning



We plan to train new musicians in Amsterdam city by performing popular classical repertoire as well as new music in the classical, modern classic, contemporary, Oriental & Arabic classical styles.

There is no age limit.

We will train you in

  1. Sight reading
  2. Technique
  3. Separate section training

We open the participation of music students, non-professional and amateur musicians to join by registering, registration will be by filling the contact form with the information required and leave a message with your instrument, musical standard to be able to allocate you.

Will then send you a notification to book and pay once we reach the minimum number of 30.


 Group  Rehearsal duration  Total cost per musician per session
 A  2 hours   €40.00
 B  To be considered   
 Conductor   Samer Hatoum  
 Location   MEET BERLAGE  
   Oudebrugsteeg 9  
   1012 JN Amsterdam  


Instrumets we welcome

 Section  Instrument
 Woodwinds   Flute


 Brass   Frensh Horns 
   Bass Trombone
   Saxophone (Alto/Suprano)
 Timpani  Drumkit
   Snare drum
 Strings   Violins
   Nai (oriental instrument)
   Qannoon (oriental instrument)




The orchestra will rehearse in MEER BERLAGE hall as seen in the photos below which has a spectacular location in Amsterdam beautiful city with eye catching scenery

The hall management offers a calm atmosphere to perform music 

Every musician is asked kindly to bring his/her own music stand

The hall will provide the chairs, water 

Will offer 15 minutes break for each group  

The conductor will provide the music sheets 

We look forward to meeting you and will work together to be an outstanding performers 

Amsterdam Hatoum International Orchestra will be available for hire once the members become ready to perform

                                                                                           You are welcome 


rsz 2meet berlage event space noteerzaal 1


rsz meet berlage event space noteerzaal 3




Send email to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your

  1. Full name
  2. Age
  3. Instrument
  4. Musical standard 
  5. Mobile number 

We will contact you via email with the date and time,payment is only via bank transfer or PayPal 1 week before the confirmed date.

We will contact every registered musician via email once we have reached the minimum number required to start which is 20 musicians.


Payment method:

You can use any of the payment ways listed below.







You can pay via PayPal with the email below 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.