Kids Wonderland

Kids Wonderland

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Kids Wonderland is designed to bring the joy and entertainment through the best educational and entertaining content with images to the kids with wide range in ages, from their early speaking age of 2 until the teanage of 19 with stories to read and listen.The stories as well as other content are for all ages and we thrive to bring more excitement along the way.

Our stories are also engaging to other ages as elders and readers, families and will be available in many languages depending on the request.

Fathers,mothers,grandparents,boys & girls will find this section very entertaining which will add more support to reach out to every child and teanagers in the world, if you wish to know about the author, animation and voice cover which will be displayed soon, you are required to join our newsletter in the link below so we can answer questions you may have.


The content of this is as follows:


                                                                                     Kids Wonderland 
 1  Stories to read in PDF file with an image available for free until September 2021 once you purchase the annual membership 
 2   Audio to listen to the story with the accompaniment of original soundtracks composed for kids for learning and entertainment 
 3  Many languages will be available to our members 
                                                Who gains advantage and will enjoy?
1  School children 
2  Kids 
3  Disabled children
4  Children with slow ability in reading 
5  Fathers
6  Mothers 


More content will be available soon, join our newsletter to be updated by clicking on the word below 


Kids Wonderland

 We offer an annual membership at present,it is non refundable and a special offer which will end by the end of December 2021,and we offer the pdf with one soundtrack for free, the soundtracks is desinged for Ring Tone, so you can download it from your mobile and enjoy your Ring Tone  but to be requested via filling the contact form, certainly only for annual members and will inform you via newsletter when a monthly membership will be available, feel welcome to contact us for any questions by filling the contact form with your details at 

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