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Shweta Ghelani is an illustrater for characters and animation based in Germany,she is available for jobs in the following:


 Artist name   Skills    Job for   Fee per job   TMA %   TMA service fee  Total     Country 
 Shweta Ghelani   Charater Design   2D & 3D Animation   €120.00    %10  €12.00                       €132.00  Germany 
   Creative graphics   Logo/Brochure/Poster/Vector illustration           
     Logo design   €400.00  %10  €40.00  €440.00  
     Brochure(per page)/Poster  €60.00  %10  €6.00  €66.00  
     Vector illustration   €300.00  %10  €30.00  €330.00  


 You can look at some of her works in the link below 

To book for her service, you are required to request by filling in the contact form with the information required to reply back.

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Shweta Ghelani photo