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Sofi is a spectacular girl for fashion and model with elegant style and flexible personality to suit every request, she is available for your need and requirement for

  1. Online promotion
  2. Posters 


Sofi worked with many photo shooting studios in Lebanon and is availabe to provide her service through us worldwide.

To request her service and know her price, use the link below to contact us by filling your full information in the contact form, we will reply back within 24 hours 

Looking forward to provding our service 

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 Photo session    purpose              price/hr   price/2 hr   price/3 hr   VAT   Service fee       Total 
   Business  €250      13.50 %   10%  €300 
       €450    13.50%  10%  €550
         €550  13.50%  10%  €700


 Payment is via PayPal or bank transfer through a link we will send once you approve buying this service