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Alexandr Averin

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The Young Artist

The Young Artist

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In the lake

Radio 101

Radio Interview

Talent Music Agency with our partner Radio 101 has the following special offer for promotion to support the artists and talents in the current global Coronavirus

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Radio 101 based in Belgrade-Serbia is a company specialised in organizing and maintaining an ultimate music experience in hotels & resorts. We develop programs, prepare and deploy music that will suit all tastes of your guests, be appropriate of time, style and variety.

Concept is based on a seven day program for all your facilities, developed in such way that hotel guests and staff are always hearing something new, yet familiar to them. Through this program we make sure that, for example, your thematic dinners are accompanied by music from appropriate part of the world.


1.Interview with the Australian composer Abraham Naim with Radio 101 from Serbia

2.Interview with the Canadian composer/ orchestrator/pianist Kevork Andonian-Los Angeles

  1. Interview with the Lebanese oriental music composer and professor on the Nai instrument, Joseph Karam

Studio Recording

Chamber Orchestra-Full Orchestra-Philharmonic orchestra


Ensemble / Orchestra    Number    Session duration per day 
 String Ensemble   To be discussed    3 hours 
 String Orchestra  Up to 44   4 hours 
 Brass Ensemble   To be discussed    6 hours 
 Brass Orchestra   To be discussed    8 hours 
 Woodwind Ensemble   To be discussed  
 Woodwind Orchestra   To be discussed  
 Piano with any Ensemble   To be discussed  
 Piano with full Orchestra   Up to 100   
 Choir alone   To be discussed  
 Choir with Piano   To be discussed  
 Choir with Orchestra   To be discussed  
 All Timpani section   To be discussed  
 All Percussion section   To be discussed  


 We do mix & master but it is your choice to book with us  

 What we offer with the recording ?

  1.  Video shooting during the recording and editing for online marketing
  2.  Remote recording with free consultation
  3.  We sell the recorded tracks with agreement 

 We do a variety of live recording and music styles

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Below are the videos for the live orchestral recording


49e49c0bc2d30a94f1a7e4b7fde44e7c93e3cde2 maestro samer hatoum conducting sofia film orchestra

4d94366faaa088e80b6f3e58deafc601bc6e7fe0 maestro samer hatoum in the studio