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Event planning

Event Planning/ Budget

We do event planning and budget upon request internationally

We take your project from the main idea you have and plan it according to the size, horizon and budget you have with free consultation

We send invitations from your behalf to Embassies where applicants require visa

We take care of your:

  1. Event

  2. Conference

  3. Exhibition

  4. Show

with live music to suit your needs while you focus on your project details.

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Live Events

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You are welcome to arrange for a meeting to discuss your project to provide you with the prices that suits your plan and budget, use the contact form please to do so and will reply back within 24 hours 

 Job Type   Price Per  Minute 
 Single line melody                               €30                    
 Single line high density    €35
 Two staff single lines or Guitar polyphonic   €45
 Vocal melody with chord symbols  €40
 Piano score average density   €50
 Piano score high density   €70
 Piano plus solo instrument   €80
 Trio set   €65
 Quartet set   €85
 Vocal /4 rythms/3 other instruments   €90
 Big band / Marching band  €125
 Symphony Orchestra  €125
 Symphony Orchestra with Choir   €175
 Piano reduction from any Ensemble  TBD
 Piano reduction from full orchestra score   TBD
 Score expansion from piano to any ensemble(s)  TBD


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Total cost is negotiable depending on the number of minutes and instruments required, you are a step away from contacting us to discuss your music or song(s)by filling the contact form with your full details to arrange for a meeting.

The styles of music, soundtracks and/or songs we  work on are:

 Music Style    Notate    Arrange    Orchestra    Upgrade 
 Classical   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Contemporary    Yes  Yes  Yes  TBD
 Jazz  Yes  Yes  Yes  TBD
 Pop   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Modern Classic   Yes  Yes  TBD  Yes
 Oriental   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Video Games   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Animation   Yes   Yes  Yes  Yes 


 Prices are subject to change


 Name                     Skills  Skills  City       Country      
 Andrea Van   Haren      Engraving       Netherland 
 John ZammitPace   Composition       Malta
 Kevork  Andonian   Composition  Orchestration   Los Angeles         United  States of Amercia              
 Samer Hatoum  Notation  Orchestration   Berlin   Germany


  We arrange, book and produce live ensembles, chamber and orchestra video recording sessions for your online and You Tube promotion for your soundtracks and songs with dancers when required, contact us for the details according to your    plan and budget at   

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Feel free to visit our Score Sample page to see some of our work.

Oriental Nai Lessons

Students, musicians, beginners and advanced are welcome to register their interest as follows to contact you with the details and booking.

Fill in your contact details in the contact form to go through the lessons details with you.

Lessons will be given by booking the date and time and will be run via Skype


Joseph Karam

Professor in the world of Nai, has written a new program for the instrument which will be released by the agency.Performed as soloist with legendary singers from Lebanon as Wadi El Safi. He teaches Nai in the Lebanese Higher Conservatory of Music.

rsz joseph karam photo 1

Chose from the prices below according to your interest.

 Instrument   Lesson  Duration  Price
  Nai   1   60 minutes   €45
    8   60 minutes    €250


We offer 30% discount for 8 lessons booking 

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